Hebrew School Registration Is Open.

Classes begin Sunday September 11th. Our school’s mission is to educate our children in the customs, practices and rituals of Judaism, and to instill a life-long commitment to Judaism through a partnership between parents, teachers and students. We offer classes for grades K-7, including b’nei mitzvah preparation. All classes are held at the Ashland Middle School, at […]


High Holiday Services

Join us as we celebrate High Holidays at Sha’arei Shalom with services led by our Rabbi Margie Klein Ronkin. Due to space considerations our High Holidays services will be held at the Federated Church (118 Main Street) in Ashland. All non-Jewish symbols are either removed or covered. As is our custom, our services are open […]

Rabbi Margie's Letters

President's Corner

    September 2016
  • Rabbi Margie was away for our August Shabbat service and while we always miss her when she is gone, this did pave the way for...

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