March 2017

Rabbi’s Letter

Dear friends,

I hope you are well!

As many of you have likely heard, I suffered from a bad fall in early January, and have been healing from a concussion and skull fracture ever since. This experience has been challenging and sometimes scary, but has also made me appreciate our community even more.

For the first few weeks after my fall, I had to lie by myself in a dark and silent room for hours on end.  Each day, Jeremy would come and read messages and cards sent by congregants, which did wonders to lift my spirits. As I have begun to return to life, I have been inspired and moved by learning of the many ways that people have stepped up – leading services, supporting our students, and coordinating holiday celebrations in my absence.  Thank you especially to the Clays, Dver-Weinsteins, Gordons, Mermelsteins, and Spitzers for your extra help, and thank you to everyone who has sent prayers and good thoughts my way, including adorable pictures and messages from the Hebrew Schoolers.

I am very much looking forward to returning to our community for services on March 10th and for our Purim celebration on March 12th.

Rabbi Margie