Hebrew School Vision Statement

To provide our children an exceptional Jewish education that they will rely on and reflect upon throughout their lives. Sha’arei Shalom Hebrew School is committed to:

  • Teaching customs, practices, and rituals
  • Guiding the development of a Jewish identity
  • Installing a life-long commitment to Judaism
  • Providing a quality experience rooted in community: parents, teachers, and students working together

How do we do it?

Our students learn in a nurturing environment that makes learning fun.

In addition to developing a sense of Jewish community by celebrating Shabbat, festivals, and significant occasions together, students also learn:

  • The Hebrew alphabet, as well as speaking, reading and writing Hebrew
  • To become involved in the traditions of Mizvot and Tzedakah
  • An understanding and knowledge of Jewish heritage and culture
  • A sense of their role in the American Jewish community, worldwide, and Israel

Student progress is monitored throughout the school year. Evaluations are performed twice a year.

For more information about school programs contact the school chairperson at school@shaareishalom.org.