Hebrew School

Students in the Sha’arei Shalom Hebrew School engage in interactive learning in a fun environment through a partnership with parents, teachers, and fellow students. They develop their Jewish identity rooted in our community and culture. They learn to participate in services and understand the rituals so they can feel comfortable joining in wherever their Jewish life takes them.
This includes:
  • Celebrating Shabbat, festivals and occasions significant to Jewish life
  • Learning the Hebrew alphabet
  • Learning to read and write Hebrew
  • Gaining exposure and becoming involved in the traditions of Mitzvot and Tzedakah
  • Understanding and knowledge of our Jewish heritage and culture
  • Providing a sense of one’s role in the American Jewish community, world Jewry, and Israel
For more information about school programs contact the school chairperson at school@shaareishalom.org

All classes are held at the Ashland Middle School, at 87 West Union Street.