Bar and Bat Mitzvah Preparation

At Sha’arei Shalom the Bar & Bat Mitzvah experience is a true culmination of our students’ religious education. When our students reach this milestone day, they are extremely well prepared and fully able to express the depth of their knowledge and burgeoning Jewish identity.

Your child’s Bar & Bat Mitzvah preparation will focus on a lot more than chanting their Haftarah. At Sha’arei Shalom, your child will have an opportunity to experience their Bar & Bat Mitzvah as a truly meaningful rite of passage in Jewish education, spiritual growth, community service and their role as a member of the Jewish community.

Sha’arei Shalom Bar & Bat Mitzvah:

  • Participate in a community service project with classroom peers
  • Work on an individual ‘Mitzvah’ project (community service) of their choice
  • Prepare a D’var Torah explaining the Torah reading from their personal perspective
  • Co-lead Friday night and Shabbat morning services with the Rabbi

Member families of Sha’arei Shalom enjoy the following Bar/Bat Mitzvah resources:

  • One-on-one coaching with the Rabbi on their D’Var Torah
  • A Bar & Bat Mitzvah coordinator to assist with the family’s preparation process
  • Access to a resource guide for Bar & Bat Mitzvah vendors and services
  • The support of the entire Sha’arei Shalom community