Message From our New Rabbi

Rabbi Eric S. Gurvis


Dear Friends,

Shalom!  I know it may be a bit presumptuous to address this message as “dear friends” as I have not yet met most of you. But I can tell you, from those members of Sha’arei Shalom whom I have met, young and old, and the gatherings I have been attending over recent weeks, I am confident those words will become authentic and accurate over the months to come.

I cannot tell you how honored and excited I am to join the Sha’arei Shalom family! My wife Laura and I are looking forward to becoming a part of Sha’arei Shalom as we head into the coming new year. Additionally, we are excited about our forthcoming move to MetroWest after twenty years in Newton.

I feel blessed to come to a community which is warm, engaged and engaging, and a caring community. Though it’s still early July, I am already preparing – both for my first Shabbat with the community on July 19th, and for the coming Holy Days and year.

As I will say again at the Holy Days, it is my hope over the coming year to have the opportunity to meet as many of you as are willing for a cup of coffee and conversation. While I will lead our community in prayer as rabbi, I strongly believe that communities (and congregations) are built on relationships – which I am hoping we can build in smaller ways so that our larger whole will be stronger.

I hope that summer is bringing you some rest, renewal and fun. For my part, I am largely in the Berkshires where my wife is Associate Director of the Union for Reform Judaism’s Eisner Camp in Great Barrington (and where I have worked off and on in a variety of capacities since the 1970’s).

I look forward to meeting some of you on the 19th– and all of you, collectively and individually — as we head into 5780 which I pray will bring laughter, learning, song and celebration, good health, sweet blessings, and shalom!

B’yedidut (“in friendship”),


Rabbi Eric S. Gurvis


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