Our Rabbi

Mk2Rabbi Margie Klein is one of America’s leading young Jewish voices. She is thrilled to be serving as rabbi of Sha’arei Shalom, to build a welcoming and vibrant community that is both personally meaningful and deeply engaged with the world. Rabbi Klein was raised in New York City in a small, tight-knit, traditional-egalitarian minyan not so unlike Sha’arei Shalom. She hopes to share the kinds soulful music, dynamic learning for people of all ages and backgrounds, caring community with which she grew up with Sha’arei Shalom. Rabbi Klein loves working with young people, and received a Masters in Jewish Education after writing a thesis about revitalizing the bar/bat mitzvah experience.

A graduate of Yale University and Hebrew College, Rabbi Klein is the creator of Moishe/Kavod House in Brookline, a community of 600 Jews in their 20s and 30s dedicated to Tikkun Olam, the repair of the world. She is working this year to expand the program nationally. Rabbi Margie is a member of the Synagogue 3000 Emergent Communities Leadership Network, and was invited to the White House with other religious leaders to speak about her work. She is the co-editor of Righteous Indignation, a Jewish Call for Justice (Jewish Lights), and her efforts have been featured in the Boston Globe, Newsweek, and CNN. Prior to rabbinical school, she founded and led Project Democracy, a youth voting organization that mobilized 97,000 college students to vote. In 2010, she was a semi-finalist for the Jewish Community Heroes competition.

To email Rabbi Klein: rabbi@shaareishalom.org

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