About Us

Sha’arei Shalom, is a member-driven, unaffiliated Jewish congregation founded in 1995. We serve families, seniors and individuals in Ashland, Framingham, Holliston, Hopkinton, Southborough and other MetroWest communities.

Join Us

Members join Sha’arei Shalom because they are looking for a diverse congregation that understands the demands of busy families, the needs of individuals and seniors, and is affordable.

The Congregation

The congregation recognizes the wide range of views in our membership and provides both tradition and innovation in our rituals, celebrations and Hebrew school curriculum. This approach gives us the opportunity to learn and grow as a community. We also encourage and support efforts to reach out to those in need both within and outside of our membership family.

Our Community

When Sha’arei Shalom was founded in 1995, the goal was to start small and grow slowly. As the congregation grew, the need for its own building did not. Space available to Sha’arei Shalom in the community has continued to meet its religious, educational and celebratory needs without putting undue financial pressure on the congregation.  We hold our Shabbat services at the Ashland Community Center, our High Holiday services at Ashland Federated Church, and our Hebrew School classes at Ashland Middle School.